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Our God is a God of abundance and He loves to give. He sacrificed willingly on the cross and then invited us into fullness of life. As His children, we are called to imitate Him. Our generosity in giving is a demonstration of God’s character and a response to what He has done for us.
Giving is a form of our worship and is how we equip the church with resources to accomplish our mission of being a biblically healthy church that glorifies God by making disciples and advancing the gospel.

You can listen to the sermons or watch the video by clicking on the sermon title.  You can also watch older videos on our Vimeo channel!!

May 2020

God’s Sufficient Word

God’s Clear Word

Pressing On – Philippians 3:12-16

God’s Authoritative Word

April 2020

God’s True Word

God’s Inspired Word

Separated No More

The God of David

March 2020

The Legacy of David

David’s Sinful Census

Children Are a Blessing!

Every summer our association of Baptist churches, about 38 churches in all, participate in children’s camps. We have an excellent camp facility at Spring Bluff just north of Sullivan off of Hwy 185. We have a boy’s camp, a girl’s camp, a youth camp and a day camp for preschoolers. To be honest, in past years it has been a struggle for these camps to draw adult counselors or to even get children to attend. Our camp directors should be applauded for their perseverance and tenacity over the years. They never gave up and this year it has paid off by proving to be a record  year! After all is said and done, they will have ministered to over 200 kids and youth! And, several lives were changed in the process. It has truly been a fruitful harvest! To God be the glory! But now what? Is that the end of the story? 


Freedom in Christ

I have begun a new sermon series on the New Testament book of Galatians. Galatians is all about the freedom we enjoy in Jesus Christ. Apparently, there were those in Galatia who were perverting the gospel by adding to it. As I thought about that, it got me thinking…. I know….very dangerous. Read on!


How To Deal With Dryness

I recently attended a local pastor/friend’s ordination service. It was an excellent service where two young men were ordained as elders in their denomination. I was especially captivated by the sermon. The speaker talked about dryness. Usually at about this time of year, people start complaining about how dry the weather is and how we need rain for crops to grow and plants to flourish. Summers around here can be pretty dry, but the point of the sermon I heard was not about dry weather, but rather dry Christians. That got me thinking….


Unity Without Uniformity

Some of my pastoral colleagues and I have been having discussions lately about unity within the body of Christ. This is a touchy subject because as you probably know, every Christian denomination has several distinctive doctrines that can become quite divisive. Unfortunately, these differences have become major stumbling blocks in our attempts to attain unity. But here is where I think we often get it wrong. When the Bible speaks of unity, I don’t think it means we all have to agree on everything. I can’t even agree with myself half the time! No, I think it means we put aside our minor differences and focus on the majors – the fact that we believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and his saving power to change a life and bring eternal life to all who call upon him. We call it unity without uniformity.


Beating a Dead Horse

Yes, that’s right. I know I’m beating a dead horse. And all the millennials out there (If they took the time to read this blog) would say I’m just a cranky old man. Okay, I’ll accept that I am a bit cranky on this Monday morning. (And I’m definitely old!) As I write this blog, I look out my office window and see an absolutely marvelous spring day with the sun shining and the temperature in the 70’s. So why am I so cranky? Well, if you must know, keep reading…


Tear Down This Wall!

I will never forget the memorable speech given in West Berlin by President Ronald Reagan on June 12, 1987 when he implored Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”, referring to the wall separating East and West Berlin. Although most historians say the speech had little to do with the wall actually coming down, the truth of the matter is, the wall DID come down, and I happen to believe that speech from my favorite president did play a role in bringing it down. Yesterday, I preached a sermon about walls, which reminded me again of Reagan’s speech. Walls are usually not a good thing. They divide, they hide, they separate, they isolate and the enemy uses them to reek havoc in all our lives.


Do I Have to Change?

Recently, we’ve been doing a sermon series called “Spring Cleaning”. No, we’re not promoting a thorough cleaning of our church facilities. This spring cleaning needs to take place in each of our hearts. You know how it is. Life has a way of happening and as it happens we get into a routine (some would call it a rut!). Before long, we’re not reading our Bibles much, we’re not praying and communicating with God much, we’re not living life on mission by sharing our wonderful faith with others. We’re just getting out of bed in the morning, getting ready for our day, going through our day, doing all the things on our “To do” list, getting home later than we’d like, going to bed exhausted, and then doing it all over again the next morning. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well, let me tell you.


Your Convictions are Okay!

It seems like everyone I talk to and everywhere I go, I am being berated because of the convictions that are important to me. These convictions admittedly are conservative in nature and therefore not very popular in our current culture, but like it or not, they are my convictions and they matter to me. I also happen to believe they line up with scripture, at least my interpretation of scripture. So what are we to do when our biblical convictions are considered obsolete or even antisocial? 


I Am Concerned

Like all of you, I was horrified to hear of another school shooting in Florida last week. My heart breaks as I think about the senseless loss of so many lives and the families left to mourn those losses. It breaks for those left wounded and hospitalized. It breaks for the trauma that all of those children had to endure and now live with for the rest of their lives. And it even breaks for this broken, disturbed young man that carried out this heinous crime. I know many people are demanding stricter gun laws, and who knows, maybe that could help. Certainly, we need to do something! But what is the answer? I must say that I am very concerned. Here’s why.


Our Mission is Working!

Well, it’s been two years since I started here at FBC, St. Clair as pastor. Even though my first three months were as interim pastor, I was treating it as a full time position from the outset putting in 40+ hours each week. I must say, these two years have gone by quickly and I have enjoyed the journey very much! One of the first things the church did when I came was map out a new direction and vision for our congregation. Part of that process was developing a new Mission statement. We weren’t the same church anymore and we needed new direction. After much prayer and discussion, we came up with this. Our mission is to glorify God in worship, make disciples of Jesus, and love our community. So, how are we doing?