In order to become a member of First Baptist Church, each prospective member needs to attend a New Member Class. This is a three part class that can usually be done in one session. It is designed to help you discover the uniqueness of our church and explain our Constitution, Bylaws, Church Covenant, and the Baptist Faith & Message. Additional sessions can be scheduled if you have further questions at the conclusion of the class. All New Member classes are offered on an “as needed” basis. Please call the church for more info. at 636-629-2407.
Below is a simple outline of the class material:
I. My New Lifestyle
1. My new life in Christ
2. A life of obedience
3. A commitment to discipleship
II. My New Community
1. Our church covenant, constitution & By-Laws
2. Our church history
3. Our church organizational flow
4. Our church ordinances of baptism & Lord’s Supper
5. Our core values, purpose and mission statement
III. My New Opportunities
1. My Spiritual gifts
2. My life’s passions
3. Places and ways to serve in our church
4. My personal ministry outside the church walls